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DJ's Basic Family Chart:

Diane Jane "DJ" (Murphy) (Nelson) Love Rochester Davidson Harris Smith

Biological Daughter of Michael Douglas (Paul) Murphy
                             and Susan Esther (Crouch) Murphy Nelson Burchett

                             Step Daughter of Kathryn L Jahncke (1955 - deceased)

Half Sibling of Michael David Murphy (1983 - deceased)

                             Step Daughter of Connie Lynn Sears

Half Sibling of Jennifer Michelle Murphy
Half Sibling of Kathryn Ann Murphy

Step Sibling of Matthew C Bales
Step Sibling of Angel Lorraine Wilson
Step Sibling of Alexander Clarence Wilson

Adopted Daughter of Laurence Peter "Larry" Nelson (1947 - 2006) [#121725639]
                             Step Daughter of Shelia Suzanne (Dirksen) Nelson

Step Sibling of Diana Stubbs Nelson
Step Sibling of Frank Stubbs Nelson

Half Sibling of Daniel Scott Nelson
                             Sister-in-Law of Lauren Michelle Kosanovich

Step Daughter of Richard Kirk "Rich" Burchett Jr (1946 - 2012) [#114707033]

Wife of Matthew Peter Smith

     Step Mother to Ivy Marie Smith Faccenda Sperling

Former Wife of James Lee Harris

     Biological Mother to Xander Lucien Vachon Harris

     Adoptive Mother to Tabitha Lee (Jennings) (D'Elia) Fleming
                    Mother-in-Law to Shaun Robert Fleming
                               Grandmoter to Gauge Ethan Jennings

Former Wife of Christopher Alan Davidson

Former Wife of Micheal Jose "Tanis" Rochester

Former Wife of Robert Alan "Bobby" Love (aka Shadow Danzig Storm)

     Biological Mother to Christopher Kit Love-Nelson

     Adoptive Mother to Jennifer Marie (Shufelt) January Snow
                               Grandmoter to Makenzie January
                               Grandmoter to Madison January
                               Grandmoter to Katherine
                               Grandmoter to Benjamin Snow

      Biological Mother to Cecelia Jane Daily (1985 – 1987)

This list (chart) is far from complete. Please consider visiting one of the many Family Tree/Genealogy sites that DJ works with to aquire more information.

"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten; Either write things worthy of reading, or do things worthy of writing."
- Benjamin Franklin, May of 1738

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